All Aboard… The Imperial Coroner

It’s About…

Chu Chu, a young woman from a long line of coroners, who comes to the capital in order to find work. There, she meets Prince Xiao, with whom she teams up to solve cases.

I Like…

The Maiden Holmes vibes. Honestly, I was very worried we’d end up with something similar in tone and substance to I’ve Fallen for You, but instead this is closer to my sunshine of last year, and I’m very, very happy about it. The characters are all smart and resourceful, and while our main girl is innocent, she’s also clever and has no filter. Prince Xiao, while he’s wary and used to navigating courtly traps, is also a good man, and I thoroughly enjoy their interactions, as does Jing Yi, Prince Xiao’s best friend. (Boy, do I love his knowing grin as he watches them fumble around each other.)

I also really appreciate the character dynamics in this one—Chu Chu slots herself seamlessly into the Prince’s little group, and she and the prince work together very well. Their reenactments of the murders, in particular, feel very fresh and interesting.

Last but not least, I was also struck by the night scenes, because for the first time ever, I can actually see the firelight flicker over the characters’ faces. It lends a very soft, very natural look to the show, and makes it incredibly pleasing (restful, even) to watch.

I Dislike…

At this point, nothing, although the eunuchs are going to be a problem, I can tell already.

Keep Watching?

I started this in the evening and planned on stopping at episode 4 but found myself watching another one even though my eyes were drooping with exhaustion so, yes, absolutely! I need more!

Where to Watch The Imperial Coroner?

On WeTV and on YouTube.

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