Maiden Holmes

Su Ci (Chen Yao), a young woman who disguises herself as a man to work as a detective, investigates corruption at the highest levels of the state. She gains an unexpected ally when she meets Prince Qi (Zhang Ling He), whose true identity she’s unaware of.

You have your reasons. I will wait until the day you tell me first.

Maiden Holmes

Oh my god. I don’t even know what to say about this little ray of sunshine, except that it’s such a gorgeous drama. From start to end, I loved pretty much everything about it. Sure, the plot wasn’t anything to write home about, but the characters and the very organic way conflicts were solved, more than made up for it.

I Love Everyone

I adored our five heroes and their friendship, the way they all communicated with each other. I loved the boy king with his gentle heart, and Prince Qi, so tender and smart. I loved clever and independent Su Ci, bright and straightforward Rushuang. I loved Xie Beiming, who was loud and obnoxious right up until the moment he proved to be surprisingly insightful, the heart and glue of their little group.

I adored them all, and I adored their relationships, how they talked to each other instead of letting issues stew. Most importantly, I was very impressed by how relatable the characters’ reactions were to the events that happened around and to them. If Person A hurt Person B, there were lengthy apologies, guilt, and forgiveness, of course, in the end.

Too often, in dramas, when a character hurts another, they just… never talk about it. The words “I’m sorry”, or the expression of guilt, don’t happen or are glossed over very briefly. Too often, things are just buried and forgotten about. But the truth is that a breach of trust, hurting somebody else, is a huge deal. In the end, the resolution of these situations in Maiden Holmes always felt very natural and relatable. Because just like torture, emotional wrongs leave scars, you know?

A Promising Cast

Something else that struck me in Maiden Holmes : the cast is all made up of very promising newcomers. Young Zhang Ling He, especially, whose first drama this was and who really reminds me of Lai Yi (Legend of Fuyao, Jiu Liu Overlord), makes for a most charming Prince Qi. I can’t wait to see more of his projects.

Sebrina Chen, on the other hand, was gorgeous, and did some great work as this young woman whose IQ sadly far outdoes her EQ.

Finally, Wang Yi Zhe bubbled with life as adorable Rushuang, while Zhang Jia Ding and Huang Yi were the perfect incarnations for Xie Beiming and the kind-hearted king respectively.

I Love Everything, Too

The visuals were very pretty, and while there weren’t many fight scenes, the one which the male lead gets is absolutely incredible. Believe me, I didn’t see that one coming in such a light-hearted drama.

There were also two excellent dance scenes, the first one which is just beautiful, and the second during which I forgot to breathe because of its emotional charge.

All in All…

Light, sweet, beautiful… Maiden Holmes is a must-watch!

Title: Maiden Holmes

Country: China

Starring: Chen Yao, Zhang Ling He, Zhang Jia Ding, Wang Yi Zhe, Huang Yi

Aired: 08/27/2020 to 09/10/2020

Number of episodes: 32

Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery

My Grade: ★★★★★

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