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It’s About…

Chang Dong, a former desert specialist guide, has been living in seclusion ever since his last group was swept away by a sandstorm, destroying his life and reputation. The appearance of a mysterious young woman with a photo of his fiancée’s corpse, which had never been found, forces him to get back on his feet and retrace his steps to uncover what really happened that day.

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I Like…

The two protagonists have a great dynamic: they complement each other, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and work perfectly together when it comes to using their brains. They are also mature and, once past the initial distrust, know how to communicate effectively. Bai Yu and Ni Ni do a fantastic job in their respective roles. Last but not least, the landscapes are beautiful, and I also love the overall atmosphere of the story, which reminds me of The Lost Tomb.

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I Don’t Like…

It doesn’t have much to do with the quality of the show, but I kind of hate the fact that they renamed this drama. “West Out of the Yumen,” the original title, really stood out, sparking curiosity and stimulating the imagination. “Parallel World”? In addition to potentially being a spoiler, there are already other dramas with the same name, and it just feels bland…

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