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A quick index to the articles I’ve written for Soompi under the pen name karoodramas.

4 Reasons To Check Out Slow-Burn Romance C-Drama “Fireworks Of My Heart”

10 years after a harsh breakup, Song Yan (Yang Yang) has become a firefighter and Xu Qin (Wang Chu Ran) has become a surgeon. Reunited by their jobs, they must face their past and decide where to go from there.

3 Reasons To Check Out Fantasy Adventure C-Drama “Back From The Brink”

Airing behind such a popular show as Till the End of the Moon is never easy, especially for a drama of the same genre, but Back from the Brink, despite it not benefiting from the same budget as its predecessor, still managed to conquer drama lovers’ hearts.

4 Reasons To Check Out C-Drama “Miss Chun Is A Litigator”

Do you ever miss Maiden Holmes or The Imperial Coroner”? Shows nobody expected anything from but turned out to be hidden gems? Well Miss Chun is a Litigator seems set to live up to them.

4 Things We Loved About The Premiere Of C-Drama “The Journey Of Chong Zi”

Adapted from Shu Ke’s eponymous novel, The Journey of Chong Zi stars Yang Chaoyue of “Midsummer is Full of Love” and “Dance of the Phoenix” as an orphan girl who decides to try for admission at the prestigious Nanhua Sect in order to learn cultivation.

A Tale Of Gentlemen Detectives: 4 Reasons To Check Out C-Drama “A League Of Nobleman”

Adapted from Da Feng Gua Guo’s The Mystery of Zhang Gong, the long-awaited A League of Nobleman finally aired in late January, much to the delight of the fans who were eagerly anticipating the C-drama.

Love, Life, And Poetry: 5 Reasons To Watch C-Drama “Word Of Honor”

Word of Honor, formerly known as A Tale of the Wanderers, is an adaptation from one of Priest’s novels entitled Faraway Wanderers. The drama tells the story of Zhou Zi Shu (Zhang Zhe Han) and Wen Ke Xing (Gong Jun), two men from different backgrounds who become fast friends, embarking on an adventure to find a legendary treasure.

A Thousand Years Of Devotion: 5 Reasons To Watch C-Drama “Love And Redemption”

Starring Yuan Bing Yan (The Mystic Nine, Ever Night) and Cheng Yi (The Lost Tomb 2, The Promise of Chang’An), Love and Redemption is an epic love story about Xuan Ji, a young woman born without her six senses, and Si Feng, a young man cursed never to fall in love.

My final review for Love and Redemption here.

A Drop Of Sunshine In Your Week: 4 Reasons To Watch “Maiden Holmes”

Starring newcomers Chen Yao (also known as Sebrina Chen) and Zhang Ling He, Maiden Holmes is the story of Su Ci (Chen Yao), a young woman who dresses as a man to become a detective and investigate the unjust massacre of her clan.

My final review for Maiden Holmes here.

A Refreshing Showbiz Drama: 4 Reasons To Watch C-Drama “The Brightest Star In The Sky”

Starring rapper Z.Tao and actress Wu Qian, The Brightest Star in the Sky is the story of Yang ZhenZhen, a young woman who’s passionate about music and becomes the assistant of top star Zhen BoXu. While this synopsis certainly doesn’t make for anything novel, The Brightest Star in the Sky manages to offer a refreshing take on the usual tropes, mainly by striving for realism.

4 Reasons To Watch The Romantic Fantasy C-Drama “Love And Destiny”

Starring Ni Ni and Chang Chen, the latest installment in the Three Lives, Three Worlds universe (which is not a prequel or sequel to Eternal Love) recounts the epic love story between a kind-hearted fairy and a solemn God of War with a mysterious past.

8 Reasons To Watch C-Drama “The Untamed,” A Study In How To Rip Your Heart To Shreds And Mend It Again

Adapted from the hit novel and very successful donghua (Chinese animation) series Mo Dao Zu Shi (otherwise known as Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation), The Untamed had to be one of C-drama fans’ most feared and anticipated dramas at the same time. Why?

My final review on The Untamed here.

7 Reasons To Watch C-Drama “The Legend Of White Snake”

It was touch-and-go there for a moment, but The Legend of White Snake finally managed to air in early April, and boy are we glad it pulled through. Starring Alan Yu (Eternal Love, All Out of Love) and Ju Jing Yi (Legend of Yun Xi), the show certainly has its issues, but it never fails to keep us enraptured.

Smart And Underrated: 12 Reasons To Watch “Untouchable Lovers”

Starring young actors Song Wei Long and Guan Xiao Tong, Untouchable Lovers starts when a young assassin who looks identical to cruel princess Liu Chuyu takes her place in order to kill the king. But as she meets the mysterious Rong Zhi and finds that many things are more complex than they appear, the lines between right and wrong start to blur.

The Best Antiheroes In Dramaland: A Selection Of Those That Stray From The Black And White

Sometimes, what will make you gasp and sigh and face-palm and cling to the edge of your seat won’t be the heroics of a good old-fashioned hero, but instead the manipulations and twisted ways and dubious morality of a well-written antihero.

9 Dramas That Leave No Room For Second Lead Syndrome

It is a truth universally acknowledged that we all like to have our heart broken from time to time, but there are moments where we just want to enjoy a good romance without having to feel sorry for the poor guy who definitely won’t get the girl.

7 Things We Loved About The Premiere Episodes Of “Where Stars Land”

SBS’s Where Stars Land premiered a few days ago, bringing Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin back to the small screen, this time in an airport drama! Chae Soo Bin stars as Han Yeo Reum, a clumsy but fiery young woman who joins the Customer Service team at Incheon International Airport.

7 Unpredictable K-Dramas That Will Have You Overwhelmed

You know that feeling when you’re sitting in front of your screen, watching TV characters puzzling over this or that mystery, and you’re right there with them, following clues until you’re 100 percent sure you’ve figured it all out? Then a massive, enormous piece of evidence comes into play that changes everything, and you realize you really knew nothing at all?

Looking For An Atypical Period Drama? Here Are 7 Reasons “Oh My General” Is Worth The Watch

As Oh My General is a historical C-drama, you’re probably thinking that you’re diving into a typical period rom-com, albeit with a female lead who knows how to fight pretty well and won’t wait around to be rescued, right? Well prepare to be wowed, because Oh My General is definitely beyond expectations.

My final review on Oh My General here.

6 K-Dramas That Were Completely Different From Our Expectations

It’s always fantastic to be surprised when a show manages to add a fresh touch of originality to a seemingly cliché plot line. And sometimes, the most unlikely of shows, those whose plot sounded confusing or you’ve seen them a hundred times before, turn out to be the best.

6 Unforgettable Villains Who Actually Broke Our Hearts

We love to hate them, but villains are an essential component of any story regardless of genre. They can be opponents, rivals, and a pain in the protagonist’s neck. Most often, however, the best ones turn out to be those who go beyond the black and white; those who are not straight up evil or became evil for reasons we can thoroughly empathize with.

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