All Aboard… Tale of the Nine-Tailed

It’s About…

A thousand-year old gumiho, Lee Yeon (Lee Dong Wook), who wanders the world punishing evil spirits, while waiting for his love Ah Eum (Jo Bo Ah) to be reincarnated. Meanwhile, his brother Lee Rang (Kim Bum) seeks vengeance on him.

I Like…

The theme, the concept, the brothers. I’m always a sucker for urban fantasy with mythical creatures walking amongst humans, which is why I gave this one a go in the first place, and I’m not disappointed so far. There are plenty of supernatural mysteries and beings going around, some of them adorable, and the others creepy as heck.

I also love the brothers and I’m rooting for a redemption and reconciliation arc here, hoping that things end well for them both. Please let’s not go for the “I’ll sacrifice myself to save you at the last minute” route. Please. Let’s be a little original here.

Kim Bum does a great job at conveying how unhinged Lee Rang really is, and the depths of his chaotic nature, while Lee Dong Wook, whom I was very worried about, offers a good surprise as a cynical, long-suffering hunting dog.

The female lead is also very independant and strong, insofar as she’s really not afraid of standing up for herself, even if that means being rude. She’s pretty resourceful, too, and I look forward to seeing these qualities develop as she dives deeper into the supernatural world.

As for the secondary characters, I feel like there’s a lot of potential there, and I can’t wait to see more.

I Don’t Like…

It’s not so much dislike as disappointment, I guess. I wish the atmosphere of the show was more magical, and the production was prettier. Take Gu Family Book or Goblin, for example. They both held a mystical atmosphere because of their music, and the way they were shot. There was a little something to them that truly supported the characters as creatures of legend. But even in the (rather underwhelming) fight scenes, I’m just not feeling it here.

Tale of the Nine-Tailed is much darker, I won’t deny it, but there’s no effort at all on the photography and directing. Much like the posters are an eyesore, the entire show looks gray and dull. Which is sad, because there was at least one scene which showed that they’re capable of making beautiful stuff, but just don’t bother to.

Also, I didn’t appreciate that they ripped off Goblin in the very first scene. Seriously, guys.

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On Viki.

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