All Aboard… God of Lost Fantasy

It’s About…

A young man, Qin Wentian (Sheng Yilun), who was born powerless in a society where magic is part of daily life. When his betrothed’s family decides to back out of their engagement by attempting an assassination, he seeks refuge at magic school, where he encounters the crown prince Yi Yu Wei (Heun Ching Ping) and the beautiful Mo Qingcheng (Wang Zi Wen).

I Like…

Well, not much. The female lead is pretty cool, I suppose, and the story has potential. The instrumentals are also quite decent, and there are some pretty landscape shots. The protagonist’s family seems cool, too, so they’re probably doomed to die horribly.

I Dislike…

Pretty much everything else. This entire thing is ridiculous, to the point that I couldn’t even make it to the end of episode 4. Heck, I can tell the writing is bad, and I never comment on the writing.

I’ll provide you with the first example that comes to mind: the first episode had barely been running for five minutes that the bad fiancée was telling the exact same exposition sentences to two different characters… within three minutes of each other. Like, really, show? Really?

Then you’ve got the usual bunch of clichés, last but not least of which is the male lead instilling fear into a wild beast simply by looking at it, while when it’s the female lead standing before it, it turns into putty and asks for petting. Like, why?

On top of that, you’ve got a main character who’s the garystuest Gary Stu to ever garystu. The guy gets power out of nowhere, gets accepted into a super selective magic school because, wowing the gallery at the same time, and then, before even getting past the second test, gets asked by masters to teach at the academy, by students ten years his elders to teach them, and treated like a bosom friend by everyone and their mother even though they met five minutes ago.


As for the second lead, what happened during the casting process? No, seriously. Before he’s introduced, people keep saying that he, the crown prince, is “too young and ignorant” to ascend the throne, except then he comes in and look like this?

Are these people blind?!

Also, the production is awful, seriously. The CGI sucks. The opening sequence by itself speaks for the quality of everything, it burned my eyes.

Keep Watching?


No way.

Where to Watch God of Lost Fantasy?

On Youtube.

What about you? Have you seen it already? Are you watching it? Planning to start it? Let me know in the comments!

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