All Aboard… Taxi Driver

It’s About…

A group of people who, under the guise of a taxi company, take revenge for people who have no other recourse.

I Like…

The general concept, which is pretty awesome. Those people gathering so as to help others get the revenge they themselves were denied is a nice premise.

I also like the crew, and especially the friendship between Le Je-Hoon’s Kim Do-Ki and Pyo Ye-Jin’s Go Eun. They have a tacit understanding that I absolutely love.

The music is also really good—I never thought I’d say this, but I’m loving the 70s vibe it’s got going on.

I Dislike…

The sheer violence of it. The crimes committed are absolutely horrifying. Every time you think you’ve reached the bottom, the show reveals a new layer of horror. I’d wondered why someone on twitter had asked if it fell into the horror genre—because this clearly seemed like more of a thriller than anything. But now I really understand the question, because yes, this is horror in a way. The horrors only Man can bring down upon their fellow Man, and maybe the most terrifying of all as a result.

On top of that, the show has a habit of making the bad guys pee themselves in terror. While I could get over it if it happened once, it’s been twice already in four episodes (once per case), and I don’t want this to become a trend.

Finally, the fight scenes are badly filmed to the point of being barely legible. It’s annoying because I’d like to enjoy Kim Do-Ki’s combat ability to the max, but as it is, I’m not feeling anything at all.

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