All Aboard… Love Scenery

It’s About…

Liang Chen, a famous singer who can’t play video games to save her life, yet must learn when she’s offered an endorsement contract for a famous game. In order to do so, she anonymously hires famous streamer Herman to teach her, but she’s unaware that Herman is actually Lu Jing, a student and one of her long-time fans.

I Like…

Liang Chen ! She manages to prove herself as an exceptional, cool-headed, reserved young woman from the very start of the show, and delivers some sick burns. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn’t follow in the footsteps of the many romcom heroines before her who started out badass and turned stupid as soon as they fell in love.

I Don’t Like…

It’s not that I dislike him exactly, but Lu Jing reminds me a bit too much of Yang Yang’s character in Love O2O : he’s good at everything, all the girls want him, and he’s pretty aloof. The only times he feels a bit more human is when he tries to show off in front of Liang Chen and fails miserably. Those are the scenes during which I generally laugh the most.

The video game scenes. The fights are far too long, and tend to make Lu Jing shine and Liang Chen… be there. On top of that, they keep inserting romantic situations in them and acting like these situations would affect the characters and their feelings in real life which… makes zero sense.

The sheer number of near-meetings between the leads. Seriously, there’s got to be at least two of those frustrating and useless “they-almost-met” instances per episode, and it gets old by episode 3.

Keep Watching?

I’m mostly fast-forwarding at this point, but yes.

Where to Watch Love Scenery?

On iQIYI and Youtube.

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