When the Villainess Loves

When the Villainess Loves manhwa cover

An ordinary young woman transmigrates into her novel and becomes Princess Libertia, one of the villains of the story and also one of her favorite characters. Armed with her knowledge of the plot, she decides to protect all the supporting characters who are doomed to die. But Libertia suffered from an incurable disease…

I’ll confess, When the Villainess Loves came out of left field for me. The plot is thoroughly cheesy, but I fell in love with Libertia who’s nothing short of adorable, as are her interactions with the characters around her. Although the way she objectifies the men in her life a little made me uncomfortable at first, her genuine affection for them and sunny disposition makes it easy to bear with, as does her general goal of keeping everybody alive and happy.

Art-wise, although I’m not a fan of the frills and ruffles style of most of the costumes, everything is still pretty and very nice to look at.

All in all, this is a webtoon that is not deep by any means, but which made me smile a lot, laugh a little, and overall gave me a great time.

Title: When the Villainess Loves

Country: South Korea

Authors: Bukgu/Redgu, Heejuk (HJ), Seo Gwijo

Illustrator: Daechi-dong Geonmulju

English Publisher: Tapas

Original Novel: When the Villainess Loves

My Rating: ★★★★☆

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