All Aboard… Tracer

It’s About…

Hwang Dong-Joo, who used to be an accountant for a crooked conglomerate, decides to take down the corruption within the National Tax Service after his father dies in suspect circumstances. He becomes a team leader for the “trash unit” of the NTS made up of people who aren’t too happy to see this new overzealous boss of theirs.

I Like…

Hwang Dong-Joo, he’s insane! The guy has no fear, an iron will, and is incredibly clever. Im Si-Wan, whom I’m seeing here for the first time, is very natural in his role, from his facial expressions to the way he talks (and exclaims. I love his exclamations.). In fact, he reminds me a bit of my beloved Kim Min-Joon from Mad Dog (my favorite drama ever, for those who didn’t know).

I’m also very fond of the concept of a young man with righteousness and motivation galore coming joining a team of dispirited people and helping them find their fire again. And of course, there’s huge potential for found family here, and I just can’t wait to see it unfold.

I Dislike…

Nothing for now, I’m enjoying every second of this. I just can’t understand why this show hasn’t been picked up by any platform even though it’s got famous actors aplenty and the plot is interesting. Why the disdain?

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On Wavve.

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