All Aboard… Oh My Lord

It’s About…

Chen You You, a young woman whom circumstances force to wed Bai Li, right hand of the city’s young ruler, and who’s been hiding as a fake eunuch for years in the hopes of unveiling a deadly conspiracy.

Chinese drama "Oh My Lord"

I Like…

The pacing. It’s refreshing to have such short episodes and such a fast-moving plot. Although it does lack substance, Oh My Lord makes for a fun and easy watch, perfect if you’re in the mood for something light and cheerful.

It’s also an opportunity to have a better look at Luo Zheng’s acting; I’d discovered him in Cry Me a River of Stars, which I’d started for Huang Ri Ying and ended up dropping because her character was awful (not her, just her character), and so far he’s doing a very good job.

Also, this show gave me the funniest wedding scene I’ve seen in fifteen years of drama-watching: it made me laugh like an idiot on the train.

Luo Zheng as Bai Li in "Oh My Lord"

I Don’t Like…

I mean, the plot is nothing to write home about.

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Luo Zheng and Ji Mei Han in "Oh My Lord"

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