I Fell Into a Reverse Harem Game!

When she picks up a strange call, a young woman wakes up in the body of Yeldria, the main antagonist of an otome game. Cruel and promiscuous, Yeldria had built herself a harem the members of which were pulled in whether they liked it or not. But on top of the terrible actions from the original owner of her body, Yeldria must also face the heroine, Yuriel, whose main mission to beat the game is to cause her downfall.

The Story

What a fabulous surprise! I really wasn’t expecting that when I started this manhwa. For one, because this is a polyandrous romance, and for another, because we didn’t actually have to wait a gazillion chapters to get some skinship… or sex.

I also absolutely appreciate that Yeldria is no blushing schoolgirl: on the contrary, she’s a mature adult, a woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t fear taking it, while still remaining very respectful of boundaries, which is especially important given her superior status. On top of that, there’s no instalove here for the most part, as the original owner of her body was a genuinely awful person who did terrible things, so of course some of the men don’t really feel like forgiving her for it anytime soon.

It’s also really, really good to see that the people who’ve been around her for years actually noticed right away that “Yeldria” was another person altogether instead of taking everything in stride. I’ve only seen that happen in one other manhwa, and it just feels that much more realistic.

Another thing that really makes I Fell Into a Reverse Harem Game! stand out is how she’s transmigrated into the game while somebody’s playing it, so she really has to fight against the heroine because Yuriel’s mission is to bring her down. And the situation is never made light of: she’s in a truly terrible position, but she faces it with a lot of intelligence and maturity, which makes her very lovable.

The Art

Finally, the art is positively gorgeous: had I listened to myself, I’d have taken screenshots of every chapter. I’m especially in love with Yeldria’s dresses (some of them are just so detailed), as well as the characters’ eyes and their coloring.

All in All…

A beautiful, captivating manhwa which manages to refresh a very common concept thanks to some simple twists and interesting characters. An isekai must-read!

Title: I Fell Into a Reverse Harem Game!

Country: South Korea

Author: Inui

Illustrator: Goya

My Rating: ★★★★☆

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