All Aboard… The Autumn Ballad

It’s About…

The eldest daughter of a family of officials, Qiu Yan, whose groom dies right as they finish their bows. Alone against the world, she must prove her innocence in the matter, even if it means allying with the morally gray Liang Yi…

I Like…

Our main girl Qiu Yan, she’s so smart and resourceful. No need for Prince Charming, she knows better than to rely on anybody to help, so she does her own saving herself. Her interactions with Liang Yi are very entertaining, too, since he’s not used to such outspoken women (given the time period), and she absolutely disagrees with his cold pragmatism. But while he’s certainly more influential, she’s got determination aplenty, so their relationship holds a lot of potential.

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I Dislike…

I don’t trust this drama. Last year’s Chinese dramas of the same genre gave trust issues to my trust issues, so while there’s potential, I’m very, very aware that it can turn very bad very fast. But it does have potential.

Jeremy Tsui in "The Autumn Ballad"
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