The Villainess is Happy Today

A Korean thirty-year-old finds herself transmigrated into the body of the villainess in the novel she was reading. Instead of clinging to the fiancé who cheats on her with the heroine, she decides to make good use of her wealth… to enjoy life to the fullest and be happy.

I’ll say it right away, what caught my attention was the title. Apart from how cheerful it is, it’s not very often that there’s talk of the villain.ess’ happiness.

And in the end, I really liked the 40+ chapters of this webtoon that I could read, mainly because of the main character, Leilin. In her quest for happiness and independence, she never shies from putting her own interests first, which I find very refreshing.

Plus, I’m realizing that I’m a big fan of those stories in which a woman realizes that she’s paying far too much attention to people who don’t deserve it, and decides to clean up her life by getting summarily rid of the parasites.

The art is quite classic, very manga-like and with no distinctive trait so to speak, but still remains very nice to look at.

All in all, a read that will put a smile on your face and cheer you up for sure.

Title: The Villainess is Happy Today

Country: South Korea

Author: Ni Ni Yang / 니니양, SWE

Illustrator: stew.J

Original Publisher: Kakao

My Rating: ★★★★☆

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