All Aboard… My Sassy Princess

It’s About…

Liu Ling, the chaotic princess Changle, who, upon meeting cold officer Shen Yan, realizes he might be the only person who doesn’t care about her disastrous reputation.


I Like…

The romance sets in pretty quickly, and the main couple’s interactions are delightful in their softer scenes: the main word for their relationship would be tenderness, and the drama completely turns much deeper at these times.

Liu Ling’s desperate side. While she acts immature and selfish most of the time, this is precisely what it is: an act. She proves that she can be the adult that she is when the situation calls for it, and that her attitude is nothing more than a brittle façade to protect herself and conceal her poorly-hidden desperation. (From what I understand, in the original novel, Liu Ling actually suffers from severe depression and is prone to suicidal tendencies, which explains a lot as to her behavior.)

Some shots are very beautiful, as are the costumes.


I Don’t Like…

It’s not that I dislike it per se, it’s more that I’m far from captivated. While the soft gestures of affection the couple have for each other are lovely and heart-wrenching, the court intrigue bores me to tears. Plus, the romance does set in very quickly (I know I added this in my “likes”, too, but it does have its drawbacks), and Liu Ling’s immature behavior, while not exasperating in itself, can get a bit annoying still. And while it helps to know it’s just a front, it still makes it a bit hard to hold on.


Keep Watching?

I’m really torn about this one. On the one hand, I love their couple scenes, as I mentioned several times already. (I really, really like them.) But on the other hand, well. The rest of it. And 22 episodes like this might be tough to sit through.

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