All Aboard… Be Reborn

It’s About…

Zhuang Wen Jie, a law student and the heir to a family of brilliant thieves. Unwittingly implicated in the theft of a famous painting, he allies with captain Luo Jian’s police team to solve the mystery and clear his name. But it turns out that the thieves may be interested in more than a simple painting…

Zhang Yi as Luo Jian in CDrama "Be Reborn"
© Youku

I Like…

Zhuang Wen Jie. He’s resourceful, rational, and above all, so, so clever. I love seeing that brain of his at work. I also really like Luo Jian, who keeps an open mind and refuses to give in to prejudice and hasty conclusions. They both make a fantastic team, and I can’t wait for their friendship to develop.

Also, the plot! It doesn’t let up, there’s always something happening.

Wang Jun Kai aka Karry Wang as Zhuang Wenjie in CDrama "Be Reborn"
© Youku

I Don’t Like…

The bad guys!

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On YouTube.

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