All Aboard… Sword Snow Stride

It’s About…

Xu Feng Nian, prince of the Northern Kingdom, who goes home after three years wandering around and having many adventures. But his home is shaken by the ploys of those who would see his younger brother on the throne so as to take advantage of his innocence.

I Like…

The very distinctive style of screenwriter Wang Juan (Joy of Life, Douluo Continent)! Smart characters, cunning and eccentric old men, captivating dynamics, mind games and powerful women… Sword Snow Stride has all the makings of a good if not a very good drama, which is especially striking since the color palette, which is on the colder side, will doubtlessly act as a reminder of classics such as Nirvana in Fire.

I Don’t Like…

The fight scenes don’t hold a candle to those in Joy of Life or Douluo Continent, really. It’s not that they’re bad or terrible or anything, but they’re just not up to expectations, especially for a martial arts drama.

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On WeTV, YouTube and Viki.

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