All Aboard… Bulgasal

It’s About…

Dan Hwal, who was born cursed by the mysterious entity known as Bulgasal and subsequently shunned by everyone. In a world where Monsters roam the world, Hwal seeks a way to put an end to his immortality and finally find eternal rest.

I Like…

The visual quality is insane! There are so many gorgeous shots, and the CGI is really good, too (well, except for one thing, but that’s alright). On top of that, the show manages to be violent enough to be intense at all times, without falling straight out into horror, and I absolutely appreciate that. Finally, the plot is full of mystery, leading to a lot of questions, which makes it impossible to be bored: every time an episode ends, I want to click play on the next one right away!

I Don’t Like…

Nothing, really. I like everything so far, and I can’t wait to watch more!

Keep Watching?


Where to Watch Bulgasal?

On Netflix.

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