All Aboard… Heart of Loyalty

It’s About…

Mo Yan, a young thief who joins the investigators of the Kaifeng City Bureau so as to prove her brother’s innocence in a murder case. But this one kill conceals a corruption case that reaches the highest rings of the State, and she’ll have to join hands with “Imperial Cat” Zhan Zhao, the kingdom’s best martial artist, as well as Prince Ning Jin if she wants to uncover the truth.

Caesar Wu and Zhang Hui Wen in "Heart of Loyalty"

I Like…

The main leads’ dynamic: they’re very complementary, with one being an experienced fighter and a taciturn man who’s seen the worst of humanity, while the other is an observant, resourceful young woman who lacks experience in the real world.

They also fall into working as a team pretty quickly, which I absolutely love.

They actually really make me think of a cat and a dog, and one of their first scenes together with Prince Ning Jin made me laugh a lot because it really felt like I was watching two dogs and a cat in the same room.

Also, and I’m very aware that it doesn’t mean anything, the posters are absolutely gorgeous.

"Heart of Loyalty" poster

I Don’t Like…

Nothing for now, really. This isn’t a high-budget drama by any means, but the main couple are complementary enough that there isn’t any true gap between them, nor damsels in distress to be rescued every five minutes.

Keep Watching?

Yes, absolutely!

Where to Watch Heart of Loyalty?

On YouTube and Viki.

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