All Aboard… Snow Eagle Lord

It’s About…

Dongbo Xueying, a young man who trains day in, day out in order to save his kidnapped mother, and avenge his father’s death. As he embarks on this perilous adventure, he meets a beautiful cultivator called Yu Jing Qiu and gets involved in the fight against the Demon Lord.

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I Like…

The concept, and Guli Nazha. This show clearly falls in with other weak-to-strong, magic school fantasy dramas such as Douluo Continent and Fighter of the Destiny, which means it has a lot of potential and just needs to be written properly. As for Guli Nazha, she’s not a fantastic actress, but I just like her. She manages to be very elegant while still having chemistry with her co-leads.

Xu Kai also clearly put in a lot of work into his spearwork, which makes his fight scenes pretty nice to look at… when you can actually see them, that is.

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I Don’t Like…

I would really, really like to know who edited this thing. It’s so bad you’d think this was produced in the 1990s (then again, that might be insulting to the 1990s). I really don’t understand what was going on in their heads when they decided to slap huge, ugly characters all over the screen to announce technique names, it’s atrocious. The same goes for the random illustrations that just pop up at random times.

The production values are horrible, a prime example of which is the snow: it’s very obviously white sand, and makes the first fight scenes completely illegible. It’s a pity, too, because you realize after a few more episodes that they did put a lot of work into the choreographies.

Finally, the dialogue writing really isn’t very good. Although the first episode thankfully takes the brunt of the damage and it smooths out a little afterwards, it was painful to hear Xu Kai repeat like a robot that he needed to save his mother four times in the span of two seconds, and the plot is filled to the brim with contrived conflict that makes me cringe.

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Keep Watching?

Yes, I will for now. It clearly won’t be the masterpiece of the century, but Snow Eagle Lord could end up pretty entertaining.

Where to Watch Snow Eagle Lord?

On Viki and WeTV.

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