All Aboard… Fireworks of My Heart

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Song Yang et Xu Qin, who meet again after a bad break up ten years prior. He’s now a firefighter and she a doctor, which forces them to interact regularly and face the indelible scars left on them by their separation. Can they find the courage to give themselves another chance?


I Like…

To be honest, I’m stunned by what I’ve seen so far. In only six episodes, Fireworks of My Heart manages to paint a very clear picture of our protagonists’ personality, as well as of the deep wounds they bear. This beautiful writing is supported by very nice direction ideas as well as excellent acting from both the leads and the supporting cast.

The firefighters’ rescues also seem well-documented and like a lot of work has been put into them, so I hope they’ll keep occurring throughout, especially since they offer bromance scenes to lighten the mood and balance out the saddest aspects of the show.


I Don’t Like…

Nothing has struck me in a bad way so far, I’m just worried about the length of the show: 40 episodes seems a bit long for the story.

Keep Watching?

Yes, absolutely.


Where to Watch Fireworks of My Heart?

On Viki.

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