All Aboard… One Dollar Lawyer

It’s About…

Cheon Ji-Hun, a skillful yet accentric attorney who only ever asks for 1000 won as a fee. With his obnoxious costumes and carefully permed hair, he storms into up-and-coming lawyer Baek Ma-Ri’s carefully planned life and turns it upside down.

I Like…

The overall atmosphere, it’s really fun, and Namgoong Min is clearly in tip-top shape. His Ji-Hun is lovable, lively and wild, and has of course incredible chemistry with every single one of the other characters.

It’s also a real pleasure to see both leads of The Veil together again, especially since it’s so clear they’re having a blast with this reunion.

Namgoong Min as Cheon Ji-Hun in 2022 KDrama "One Dollar Lawyer"
© SBS/Disney+

I Dislike…

Nothing so far!

Keep Watching?

You bet!

Where to Watch One Dollar Lawyer?

On Disney+.

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