All Aboard… Blind

It’s About…

A detective, his brother, and a social worker are embroiled in a series of murder targeting the jurors of a single trial.

I Like…

The plot is captivating! I usually tweet a storm as I watch stuff, but I barely posted anything about this one simply because I was way too absorbed by what was happening to even think of pausing it. Each episode goes by in a flash, the characters are mysterious, you have no idea who you can trust, and of course, it’s really fun to cook up theories and try to piece it all together yourself.

Ok Taecyeon as Ryu Sung-Jun in 2022 KDrama "Blind"
© OCN/tvN

I Dislike…

The one thing I’d change is the music, which is very loud, but honestly the entire thing has me so captivated I don’t really mind.

Keep Watching?

Oh, yes!

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