Thanks, But No Thanks #3

My Name

I know this one received a lot of positive feedback, but as for me, once I got over my admiration for the female lead and the story truly “got going”, I started getting very bored. Honestly, if you’ve seen enough Korean thrillers, the plot is easy to predict, the culprit obvious from the get-go, and some of those plot twists as well.

In the end, I watched 3 episodes, jumped to episode 7, and from there straight to the end.

I watched: let’s say 4 episodes total.


I’d been warned, several times at that. But I couldn’t resist Namgoong Min combined with a supernatural element à la L.U.C.A.: The Beginning. Verdict: I couldn’t get into it. Awaken is very slow for a thriller, and the characters, except for Namgoong Min’s, aren’t all that interesting either.

I watched: 4.5 episodes.


It should have been difficult to miss the mark with such a star-studded cast and beautiful sets, but I positively hated the first two episodes of Luoyang. I tried to force myself to watch more but just couldn’t press play: the first two brought me zero joy and it was so hard for me to go back to it that I just gave up.

So, what happened? The male lead is a very unsympathetic madman, Victoria Song’s wig looks awful, and the camera movements give me a headache. It just won’t stop accelerating and decelerating, making it impossible to admire the decors, and keeps tilting at angles so that you can’t even understand what you’re looking at. (This is not helped by how dark everything often is.)

I was really looking forward to seeing Wang Yibo and Song Yi again, but I guess it’ll have to wait.

I watched: 2 episodes.

My Heart

The editing was atrocious to start with, but I just couldn’t handle more than half an episode of rabbits constantly getting lifted by the ears. Just, no. I refuse to inflict this upon myself, and I refuse it even more when it adds insult to injury by being yet another low-budget, copy-pasted drama. I’m out.

I watched: half an episode.

Chasing the Undercurrent

I tend to stay away from Johnny Huang dramas because he seems to be subscribed to toxic alpha male characters. But since this one had no romance, I thought I’d give it a go. Unfortunately, his character was just as unbearable to me as the others were, so I’ll have to give this one a pass as well.

I watched: 1 or 2 episodes.

Good Job

The last time I saw Kwon Yuri in a drama was in that disaster Neighborhood Hero. Meaning I don’t exactly have a good memory of it, and I’m not a fan of hers. As it so happens, I’m not exactly convinced by Jung Il-Woo’s ability as an actor either, and what I saw of Good Job didn’t sway my opinion in the least. His performance not withstanding, his character is clearly an idiot, so I’ll just save myself some trouble and pass on this one. Next!

I watched: part of episode 1.

Witch at Court

The female lead (because I absolutely refuse to call her a “heroine”). That’s it. She literally makes me nauseous. She’s the lowest of the low. I despise her.

I watched: 1 episode, and she made me sick.

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