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It’s About…

Choi Sang-Eun, a young woman with a lot of varied skills who earns a living by being a fake wife. As she’s about to retire and move abroad, she realizes that she’s grown attached to Jung Ji-Ho, her client of five years, and things get even more complicated when actor Kang Hae-Jin storms into her life.

Go Kyung-Pyo as Jung Ji-Ho in 2022 KDrama "Love in Contract"
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I Like…

Choi Sang-Eun’s friendship with her roommate Gwang Nam, their dynamic feels very organic.

The ending song is very catchy, I can’t wait for it to be out.

And Kim Jae-Young, whom I’d never seen in anything before, and who plays a very lovable character. Kang Hae-Jin charmed me right off the bat: he clearly understands Sang-Eun’s personality very well, and has shown a very caring side. On top of that, who could resist a man who loves his cat as much as he does and refuses to rely on his family to earn a living?

Kim Jae-Young as Kang Hae-Jin in 2022 KDrama "Love in Contract"
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I Don’t Like…

Love in Contract has a serious editing problem: the story doesn’t flow at all, to the point that some scenes make no sense and will leave you completely lost. Plus, the main couple have zero chemistry, I don’t understand why they would fall for each other. And apart from passing Jung Ji-Ho off as a serious psychopath, those first two episodes do a very poor job at making him interesting. Yes, he has communication problems, and that’s fine, but after five years, he should be able to have a conversation with her. The same goes for Sang-Eun: the only scene that truly makes her lovable was tacked on to the end of episode 1 as an afterthought even though it’s an important part of her character introduction.

It’s also pretty difficult to admire her professionalism and competency when she makes so many easily avoidable mistakes.

And then, there’s the French. Dear Lord, the French. It’s an abomination. I think I’ve been traumatized for life. I understand that French is a difficult language to learn and pronounce, and I do admire Park Min-Young’s decision to say that dialogue herself, but couldn’t they afford a coach and some decent training? Hearing her massacre those sentences was physically painful.

And finally, the entire thing is very boring: I skipped through most of episode 2 because everything was just so uninteresting.

Park Min-Young as Choi Sang-Eun in 2022 KDrama "Love in Contract"
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Keep Watching?

Probably not, I’m way too bored.

Where to Watch Love in Contract?

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