All Aboard… Maiden Holmes

It’s About…

Su Ci (Chen Yao), a young woman who disguises herself as a man to work as a detective, and who investigates corruption at the highest levels of the state alongside Prince Qi (Zhang Ling He), whose true identity she’s unaware of.

I Like…

Everything! I like, or should I say, I love everything about this. The characters are adorable puppies, it took me about 5 minutes to fall in love with them all. Maiden Holmes is gorgeous, it’s soft and sweet and pure. The music is pretty, the sets boast some delightful bright colors, the costumes are beautiful,… I’m having a wonderful time watching this ray of sunshine.

I Don’t Like…

The bad guys! (But since we’ve hardly seen them so far, I guess I love everything.)

Keep Watching?

A thousand times yes!

Where to Watch Maiden Holmes?

On Youtube and Viki.

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