All Aboard… The Golden Eyes

It’s About…

Zhang Rui (Lay), a timid pawn shop employee, who gains the power of the “golden eyes”, which turns his life upside down.

I Like…

The main character Zhang Rui, and not because he’s played by Lay. Rather, I like his timid, quiet personality. He’s very relatable for a person like me. His first scene in particular was one I’ve lived countless times before.

The golden effect when Zhang Rui’s powers activate.

I Don’t Like…

The female lead, she’s unbearable. She’s supposed to be the tough female cop type, except she walks into a man’s hospital room having decided that he’s guilty of associating with the robbers who almost killed him, and subsequently pressures him into admitting to a crime he’s innocent of by asking increasingly stupid questions, and being super rude at the same time. Nope.

The production values aren’t that great either. The dubbing is off-sync.

The plot isn’t giving me anything to be interested in either.

Keep Watching?

No, probably not. I’m a bit disappointed about it, too, because a Twitter friend pitched it as “this guy gets super powers and uses them to get rich and help people”, which sounds very compelling but… I don’t like anyone except for him, I hate the female lead, and I’m not very interested, so. I’m not going to waste my time on 56 episodes of this.

Where to Watch The Golden Eyes?

On IQIYI, Youtube and Viki.

What about you? Have you seen it already? Are you watching it? Planning to start it? Let me know in the comments!

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