All Aboard… The Listener

It’s About…

A crime detective, Luo Bixin (Song Yi), who infiltrates the police team of genius forensic examiner Ming Chuan (Nie Yuan), who is suspected of being a serial killer.

I Like…

The male lead, he’s awesome. Nie Yuan is a great actor, and is absolutely perfect in the role of this very mysterious coroner who’s always ten steps ahead of everyone, and clearly has a lot of hidden aspects to him.

I also really like the second male lead: he’s an absolute dork, all sweet and adorable, and I want to pinch his cheeks.

I Dislike…

The female lead, she’s extremely annoying. I really like Song Yi (she was amazing in Joy of Life), but here her character’s condescending and outright hostile attitude towards a man who’s clearly older and more experienced than her, as well as being very respected by everyone, really rubs me the wrong way.

Keep Watching?

Yes, although I really hope that Luo Bixin gets better because argh. But I really want to know more about Ming Chuan, so I’ll stay for now.

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