Thanks, But No Thanks #2

No Boundary

After thoroughly enjoying his character and performance in The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty, I was looking forward to seeing Darren Chen again, especially in an epic such as this one, which held a lot of potential because the immortal, for once, was the lady of the two. I did have some doubts about him as a cold, aloof type, though, and while I was right that the role wouldn’t fit him well, it wasn’t what ultimately turned me away from that one.

No, what had me drop it not even halfway through episode 2 was the female lead. Though Zhan Yan wasn’t the most likable either, Duanmu Cui was unbearable. Rude, condescending, disrespectful, entitled and more, I just couldn’t stand her. It’s not often that I have such a visceral reaction to a character, but this one I simply could. not. look at.

And honestly, nobody’s more disappointed than I am, because I wanted to like this and watch the dynamics unfold, but I just couldn’t do it. I’m sorry, Darren. I tried, I really did.

I watched: 1 episode and part of episode 2.

Miss The Dragon

This one started out well enough, with beautiful visuals, a cute couple that suited each other (they were so sweet, it was adorable), and only 36 episodes, which is always good. Unfortunately, they just had to add in a trope I despise, so I decided to drop it and save myself the time.

I watched: 6 episodes.

Reunion: The Sound of the Providence Season 2

This hurts me because I adore the Lost Tomb series (to the point I wrote a guide about it), the cast, the production and the music, but I was already disliking it back when I was watching, and now that I’ve watched a fantastic Lost Tomb adaptation in the form of Ultimate Note and have tried to motivate myself to finish this one for months and months, I find that I just don’t want to.

Butchered editing aside, even the Iron Triangle dynamics have been buried, and let’s not even talk about the nonexistent PingXie. Xiao Bai is nice and all, but I want Wu Xie to interact with Pang Zi and Xiao Ge, not the useless female they added because they were afraid it would be too gay.

I watched: 16 episodes.

Prince Consort, Please Advise

Honestly, I didn’t mind that the budget and logic are practically nonexistent as long as it was fun and entertaining. And at first it kinda was (although nothing groundbreaking), but then we got to the fart jokes and that’s just… nope. I’m out.

I watched: 1 episode and part of episode 2.

The Dance of the Storm

Yet another spy drama featuring spies who can’t be bothered to stop and think for a hot second, to use any combat techniques other than punching, and in which leaders can’t even manage their people properly. Combine all this with a frankly obnoxious lack of logic and I’m going back to Jason Bourne.

I watched: 1 episode and part of episode 2.

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