All Aboard… The Great Ruler

It’s About…

Mu Chen, a young man whose blocked spiritual veins prevent him from cultivating. Along with powerful Saintess Luo Li and a faithful group of friends, he must fight to prevent the return of the Evil Deity.

Roy Wang in "The Great Ruler"

I Like…

The production values are insane! The show takes you to a faraway lands within the very first few minutes, and boasts landscapes that rival those of Ever Night which, trust me, is no easy feat.

The characters are also quite adorable all in their own way, even Luo Li, whom I didn’t really like at first because of her abrasive nature.

I Dislike…

This is going to stay empty because I’m really enjoying The Great Ruler so far; it feels like cleansing my eyes from all the low-budget dramas China’s been churning out, lately.

Keep Watching?


Ouyang Nana in "The Great Ruler"

Where to Watch The Great Ruler?

On iQIYI and Viki.

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