All Aboard… Ugly Beauty

It’s About…

Xiao Mu, a delivery girl who must take her twin sister Yao Meng Gui’s place. But Yao Meng Gui is a famous actress, and when paparazzo Chen Mo realizes that something is wrong, he becomes her assistant so as to find out the truth.

I Like…

The characters, who are all very interesting. Xiao Mu, the female lead, is resourceful and clever, the male lead is observant and quick-witted, and the second male lead is fascinating.

The show also broaches some tough industry-related themes, and wraps it all up in a very nice layer of mystery.

And to top it all off, its humor is well-timed and genuinely funny.

I Don’t Like…

How long it takes for subbed episodes to come out, give it all to me!

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Where to Watch Ugly Beauty?

On YouTube and on Viki.

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