All Aboard… Qing Luo

It’s About…

Qing Luo, a famous physican who lost her memories and has been looking for her son’s father. She meets Ye Xiudu, a prince who’s a dead ringer for the man.

I Like…

The banter between the leads, as well as the kid’s interactions with them, most of the time.

Liu Xue Yi and Wang Zi Wei both are doing a great job with their facial expressions, I especially love the way they smile at each other while their eyes are dripping poison, it’s hilarious.

I’m also quite intrigued by the backstory behind Qing Luo’s amnesia, and the connection I presume she has with Ye Xiudu. To be honest, this is mostly what’s keeping me here at the moment.

I Don’t Like…

The male lead’s attitude sometimes gets a little too domineering alpha for my taste. I hope it doesn’t become a habit. The power balance with Qing Luo also seems uneven: while their banter is fun, she always seems to lose their verbal and physical matches, which is pretty annoying.

The budding love triangle. It’s not clearly established, but it seems to be heading that way, and I’m tired of this trope. It’s done and overdone, let’s move on.

Qing Luo’s son Qing Nan’s behavior. It’s completely inconsistent: most of the time, he’ll act like a miniature adult complete with the mimics and speech, and the next he’ll behave like a kid again. Most of the time, though, I just want to teach him some manners, because the sheer levels of rudeness and insolence are mind-blowing in this one.

The sheer lack of imagination, creativity, diversity, whatever, regarding last names. I’ve watched four episodes, and so far over half the named characters are called either Yu or Ye. It’s incredibly confusing (and frankly looks lazy).

The track they plagiarized from the Healer soundtrack (seems to be a trend in CDramas, lately. Ugly Beauty has a track directly plagiarized from My Love From the Star (“Beethoven Revolution“), but at least they had the decency to use it only once).

Keep Watching?

For now.

Where to Watch Qing Luo?

On Viki and Youtube. If you have the patience for it, I’d recommend Viki, even if the subtitles are extremely slow to come, simply because the Youtube version has entire chunks of audio missing, which is, frankly, exasperating.

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