All Aboard… Twisted Fate of Love

It’s About…

Dongyue (Sun Yi), a female general who dies in battle, only to wake up eight years into the past, where she meets Official Feng Xin (Jin Han), whose actions led to the war that will kill her along thousands of innocents.

I Like…

The aesthetic and the music. The opening credits are incredibly beautiful, and so is the photography. The director clearly knows what he’s doing, and how to film his characters, who move around some gorgeous sets.

I Don’t Like…

The plot, the characters’ inconsistency, and a female lead who, once again, is showcased as a veteran general in the first few minutes of the show, right up until she faces a male character, who can beat her up even without half the training she went through. I also like to believe that commanding an army requires at least some strategic thinking, but Dongyue shows a dreadful lack of that, so I suppose I’m wrong.

As for the second male lead, he’s the usual kind, boring character, ready to sacrifice his life for the female lead after having a grand total of two conversations with her.

The time travel premise, which was so very interesting, quickly fades away into the usual romcom shenanigans, while the so-called romance is limited to a cunning male lead obsessing over his lady and saving her through questionable means, while said lady repays him only with hatred and harsh words.

Once again, a waste of brimming potential filled with the usual male superiority, and I’m tired.

Keep Watching?

No, thanks, I’m good. I’m already this annoyed at 6 episodes, I don’t think I can make it through 37 more.

Where to Watch Twisted Fate of Love?

On WeTV, Youtube and Viki.

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