All Aboard… Eternal Love Rain

It’s About…

Nin Xiu Rui (Wang Run Ze), a young dragon prince who gives up a precious artefact to save humanity from a drought, and ends up stuck away from his realm as a consequence. 500 years later, he meets Su Yin Yin (Camille Hua), a girl who might just be in possession of said artefact.

I Like…

The concept. A dragon prince stuck in the mortal world for centuries? How cool is this?

The five-minute interaction between the secondary couple, as well as the male lead.

I Don’t Like…

The female lead. Dear god, I just couldn’t stand her. She was the whole package: stupid, mannerless, entitled, obnoxious, demanding,… Had she not monopolized 80% of the total screentime, I might have managed to overcome my dislike for her, but as it is, she was almost always disgracing my screen, and I—couldn’t.

Every time I saw her interact with the male lead, who’s the quiet, introverted, powerful type I like, I felt only pity for him for being destined to get stuck with this harpy for all eternity. Yes, because since he’s a dragon, it’s probably going to be forever, not even just a human lifetime.

The poor, poor man.

Keep Watching?

Nope, nope, nope!

Where to Watch Eternal Love Rain?

On iQIYI and Youtube.

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