All Aboard… Tomorrow

It’s About…

Choi Joon Woong, a brilliant young man who nonetheless struggles in finding a job. One day, as he tries to stop a man from committing suicide, he crosses paths with two Reapers whose mission it is to rescue suicidal people, and ends up joining their team.

Roowon as Choi Joon-Woong in 2022 KDrama "Tomorrow"

I Like…

The concept. Also, Lee Soo-Hyuk, who’s the very embodiment of “tall, dark and handsome”. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that they don’t make him a villain, because he’s the most interesting character so far.

Lee Soo-Hyuk as Park Joong-Gil in 2022 KDrama "Tomorrow"

I Don’t Like…

Joon-Woong’s childishness. Honestly, I don’t understand why it’s so hard to have a character who’s both kind and smart. He just keeps shouting and acting recklessly even though, given the amount of degrees he has, he should know how to use his brain.

Plus, I’m tired of those supernatural drama scenarios in which the experienced people who “welcome” the new guy into their world expect him to know all about it without actually explaining anything, and then yell at him whenever he makes mistakes. It’s a bit easy to act all high and mighty when you don’t bother laying down the rules in the first place.

Also, Gu Ryun’s way of dressing down people who are already at the end of their rope makes me very uncomfortable. Sure, she softens after a while, it all works out, and I guess we need a tough-as-nails characters, but really, those scenes are a big no in my book.

And finally, I don’t know what the stylist of this drama had smoked, but Kim Hee-Sun’s costumes are atrocious.

Kim Hee-Sun as Goo Ryun in 2022 KDrama "Tomorrow"

Keep Watching?

For now, I guess. I’m interested in how everything is connected, but I paused the episodes several times to check my Twitter, so that’s not really a good sign, and the plot so far is very standard.

Where to Watch Tomorrow?

On Netflix.

Yoon Ji On as Im Ryung-Goo in 2022 KDrama "Tomorrow"

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