All Aboard… The Blood of Youth

It’s About…

A sunny young man looking to make a name for himself in the martial arts world bursts into a sullen innkeeper’s life. On the roads of the jianghu, they meet many experts from all sorts of backgrounds all looking for one thing: a mysterious golden coffin.

I Like…

This is a lot of fun. I’m having a grand time watching every single episode, and I haven’t been bored a single minute so far. The Blood of Youth is everything a wuxia drama should be: full of adventure, over the top costumes and fighting techniques, humor, friendship, romance and hidden mysteries.

Even the music is fantastic, with an opening song that makes you feel happy, heroic, and most of all, ready to take on the world.

I Don’t Like…

I mean the explosions are a bit ridiculous, but that’s fine, it’s just funny.

Keep Watching?


Where to Watch The Blood of Youth?

On Viki.

This poster will tell you everything you need to know about the trio’s dynamics.

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