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Adventures of Young Detective/
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Official Sui Hanbai (Li Pei Yang) and detective Su Chengxi (Chen Jun Yu) join forces to solve a string of murders. But there might be more to this unlikely trio than meets the eye.

While MGTV is infamous for the atrocious quality of its subtitles, it does know how to make good minidramas, and Jiang Hu Shao Nian Jue is no exception. Adapted from a danmei novel I sadly couldn’t find anything about online, this short series is an absolute delight.

Short and Sweet

While Adventures of Young Detective will undoubtedly leave you hungry for more, which is par for the course for a miniseries, it offers a fun premise which reminded me of Ancient Detective and Word of Honor both; the former because of the investigations, of course, and the latter because of the snappy dynamic between the leads.

Of course, it’s nothing really new: a dark, brooding official and an extraverted, sunny detective irremediably attracted to each other and joining forces to solve murders, with a conspiracy at the end. Those are standard tropes, but it still works, and probably always will. And while the acting is nothing out of this world, it’s not bad either, and fits with the scale of the project.

All in all, Adventures of Young Detective is a very nice watch which I would have loved to see a full-fledged version of with proper subtitles. Still, the experience was pleasant enough, and even offered a good background music as a bonus. If you like danmei, minidramas or both, this one should definitely go on your list.

Title: Adventures of Young Detective

Country: China

Starring: Chen Jun Yu, Li Pei Yang

Aired: 01/10/2023 to 01/19/2023

Number of episodes: 20 (8 minutes each)

Genres: Mystery, Bromance

My Rating: ★★★★☆

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