All Aboard… The Song of Glory

It’s About…

…An orphan, Lige (Li Qin), who allies with prince Liu Yi Kang (Qin Hao) to bring down the tyrannical nobles who respect neither king nor people in their neverending quest for power and riches.

The Song of Glory CDrama Girl Army

I Like…

The decors and the costumes, which are absolutely stunning. What I like best about them is that they can seem simple at first glance, but it’s when you look closer that you take notice of the tiny, gorgeous details.

The overall ambiance of The Song of Glory also has a very specific feel to it, with beautiful decors which manage to be original and grand without being obnoxious. As for the fight scenes, they’re incredible, and the choreographies are some of the most interesting I’ve seen…ever.

The Song of Glory CDrama Liu YiKang

The characters are great, too, touching and funny at the same time. I got attached to them without any trouble, and am so emotionally invested already I know I’m going to suffer later.

And of course, the protagonist, Lige! If I had a crush in episode 1, you better believe I’m head over heels in love with her now. She’s incredible, smart, badass, kind and funny, but also sometimes a little too harsh and a little reckless. Li Qin, who was so very forgettable in Joy of Life (even though she played the male lead’s fiancee), truly unfolds the full range of her talent and skill as an actress.

The Song of Glory CDrama Lige

I Don’t Like

The scene transitions, which are terrible to say the least. They’re all so jarring, and it’s a real pity given the quality of the show. I’ve been feeling it less the more I watch, but whether it’s because they got better or I got used to it, I couldn’t say…

Keep Watching?

You bet! I love this show and can’t wait for more.

Where to Watch The Song of Glory?

On Viki and Youtube.

The Song of Glory CDrama Shen Zelan

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