All Aboard… Reunion: The Sound of Providence

It’s About…

Three reformed tomb explorers, Wu Xie (Zhu Yi Long), Zhang Qiling (Huang Jun Jie) and Wang Pang Zi (Chen Ming Hao), who embark on a whole new quest in order to find Wu Xie’s long lost uncle.

I Like…

Zhu Yi Long, Huang Jun Jie, and their epic bromance. So far, Zhang Qiling just came in, and it hardly took those two a minute to start making eyes at each other. They got my heart pounding with their very first interaction, and I can tell I’m gonna adore them both throughout.

Zhu Yi Long is as excellent as he was in Guardian, portraying a character whom I can tell has a lot of depth to him, and I really look forward to seeing Huang Jun Jie in a brand new setting: no doubt this role will ask for a very different skillset compared to his performance as Commander Ji Heng in Dr. Cutie.

I also quite like the score so far.

I Don’t Like…

Nothing, so far. I’m a newcomer to the Lost Tomb series, so I’m watching this one with fresh eyes, and while exploration/adventure dramas aren’t usually my cup of tea, I’m enjoying this one quite a lot. It’s got comedy, friendship, “sworn brotherhood”, and a bunch of suspense that gets my heart pounding in anticipation in a way that it hasn’t in a long time.

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Keep Watching?

Yes, absolutely!

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What about you? Are you watching it already? Are you planning on starting it? Let me know in the comments!

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