All Aboard… Desire Catcher

It’s About…

A hypnotist and a police detective who team up to solve cases, and find that they’re both related to an unsolved case from 2008.

I Like…

I’m a sucker for crime bromances, and this one fits the bill perfectly, so of course I’m enjoying myself a lot so far. Although the first case isn’t over as of episode 5, it seems like we’re up for some emotional moments in the future.

I really like how lively and tactile Lu Feng Ping is, and how complimentary he and Luo Fei are. Lu Feng Ping hasn’t really had a chance to shine just yet, but I’m hoping he’ll get his time. Luo Fei, for his part, fills the “tall, dark and brooding” mold to a T. I really look forward to seeing them both grow closer.

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I Don’t Like…

Lu Feng Ping’s haircut. What happened there?

More seriously, there’s nothing I dislike so far, but there’s still time.

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