All Aboard… Back from the Brink

It’s About…

Tian Yao, a dragon spirit who was betrayed by his fiancée. In order to get his powers back, he sets out to recover the parts of his body that his once lover sealed away, and meets Yan Hui, a cultivator who got expelled from her sect.

I Like…

The setting is quite interesting, and Zhou Ye does a great job as a straightforward, spitfire cultivator. She also makes a good team with Hou Ming Hao, whom I’m glad to see again after The Lost Tomb 2.

I also really like the opening song, “Free Floating”, sung by Zhou Shen, as well as the music in general.

Zhou Ye as Yan Hui in 2023 CDrama "Back from the Brink"
© Youku

I Don’t Like…

I’m really not a fan of Yan Hui’s excuses not to help Tian Yao. Any normal person, after hearing his story, would show way more empathy than she does, and her reluctance is especially jarring when she’s been shown to favor spirits and not be brainwashed by all the sects’ anti-spirit rhetoric. On top of that, she literally has nothing better to do, so I don’t understand why this is happening, other than to slow down the plot and create some contrived drama, which worries me for what’s to come.

I’m also very uncomfortable with the taoists’ unreasonable hatred and persecution of spirits. I really hope that’s something that will be redressed once Tian Yao is back to his former glory.

Hou Ming Hao as Tian Yao in 2023 CDrama "Back from the Brink"
© Youku

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