The Lone Necromancer

The Lone Necromancer Webtoon Cover

The end is here. On a perfectly ordinary day, the world suddenly turns into a video game, chock full with man-eating monsters. Now a necromancer, former special forces soldier Yoo Seong-Woo, must learn to survive in a world with brand new rules.

After the villainesses, make room for real life video games! The Lone Necromancer has to be my second or third foray into the genre (I confess I completely forgot what the other two were), and I absolutely loved the first 25 episodes. I’m a big fan of the illustrator’s work on this webtoon, from the green flames to the play on shadows. The revived skeletons are also absolutely adorable, and I’m just having a lot of fun overall. Watching Seung-Woo put the bad guys in their place and become stronger is a treat, and I’m quite interested in how… practical he is. (Could he become a villain? Yes, yes, he could.)

On another note, I hadn’t yet read Solo Leveling when I started The Lone Necromancer, but now that I have, I understand a lot of the “Arise” comments after every chapter. I can also reassure whoever would worry about it: The Lone Necromancer and Solo Leveling are very different from each other, so no pale copy to be seen here.

The Lone Necromancer Webtoon Illustation
© Webtoon

Title: The Lone Necromancer

Country: South Korea

Author: JJJ, Kim Gyeong-Yeol

Illustrator: Kim Dong-Jun

Original Publisher: Webtoon

My Review: ★★★★★

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