Something About One Percent

The temperamental heir to a conglomerate, Lee Jae-In (Ha Seok-Jin), is forced to date school teacher Kim Da-Hyun (Jeon So-Min) when his grandfather decides whoever marries her will get his fortune.

Trust me. And please, pick up the phone.

Something About One Percent

Romantic comedies aren’t usually my style, but Something About One Percent slammed its way into my top 5 KDramas so fast my head is still spinning. With short, 30-45mn-long episodes and light-hearted music, the show doesn’t take itself seriously at all, and easily charms the audience, thanks in part to its adorable leads.

Ha Seok-Jin and Jeon So-Min in Something About One Percent

Everything, Everything

Something About One Percent also has the grace to abstain from using the clichéd intrigues of the main characters’ ex-lovers or family to tear them apart, and while secondary characters such as Min Tae-Ha could definitely have been further developed and subplots added, one can’t bring themselves to regret it, as the main romance captivates from start to end.

Then again, Ha Seok-Jin’s Lee Jae-In and Jeon So-Min’s Kim Da-Hyun are so very sweet that you’ll spend three-fourths of the drama either bent over laughing, smiling like a loon, or shamelessly giggling. The gentleness, and, more than than, the sheer spontaneous simplicity of their gestures for one another are in my opinion one of the determining factors of the show’s success. A kiss to Jae-In’s cheek, a hand running through Da-Hyun’s hair, and that look of absolute adoration…

Ha Seok-Jin in Something About One Percent

The show also refrained from resorting to the usual misunderstanding twist. The characters are (more or less) mature adults oh, Ha Seok-Jin’s boyish smiles! very aware of their feelings, and would rather talk about their doubts than sulk in a corner. It’s…it’s perfect. There’s no other word for it.

All in All…

Something About One Percent is everything. It’s funny, moving, optimistic. It’s sunlight brightening the day. Watch it, watch it, watch it.

(Also, the kisses. HOT-T-T!)

Something About One Percent

Title: Something About One Percent

Country: South Korea

Starring: Ha Seok-Jin, Jeon So-Min

Aired: 10/05/2016 to 11/24/2016

Number of Episodes: 16

Genres: Comedy, Romance

My grade: ★★★★★

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