Long Time No See

Two assassins, Chi-Soo (Tak Woo-Suk) and Gi-Tae (Yean Seung-Ho), meet and fall in love, unaware that they work for opposing mobsters.

It’s hard to find a mate who loves you as much as you do. Even if you meet someone who equally likes you, going through life causes many cracks. That’s why, Gitae, don’t disappoint someone you love.

Long Time No See

What. a. gem.

Seriously. It’s so difficult to find good content featuring LGBT+ protagonists, especially content that doesn’t end in a mess of blood, tears and tragedy. And yet, here Long Time No See is, in all its short, 5-episode glory.

I’m sorry I doubted you

Truly, I was a little doubtful when I started this going only on MyDramaList recommendations, but I’m so glad I decided to try it. Although Strongberry only had a small budget, they managed to hire very talented actors—no, really, I’m not kidding. Those guys are insanely good. Tak Woo-Suk’s performance made me tear up, and Heaven knows I’m not the emotional type.

The main characters were really lovable, too. Chi-Soo’s wide-eyed awkwardness was hilarious: Tak Woo-Suk did an incredible job at showing just how smitten he was right from the start. As for Gi-Tae (Yean Seung-Ho), that goofy smile of his never fails to make you smile as well. I have no doubt that their sweet love story will conquer audiences.

And that’s what makes this such a rare, precious find, isn’t it? A strong, healthy relationship. Given the profession of our two protagonists as well as the sad tendency that the media have of making gay relationships deeply unhealthy (especially when it comes to sexual consent), it’s not too much of a reach to expect something a little disturbing. But this was… not? Those two guys are so sweet you could get cavities just from looking at them. They love each other so much it’ll take your breath away, and it’s just so beautiful I can hardly thank Strongberry enough for making this much-needed piece of art.

Down to Earth

Another asset of this mini-series is that it takes place in the real world. There are people who support them, true, those who couldn’t care less, but there are also those who hate them for what they are, and those who use them for their own nefarious purposes, presenting a kind face while despising them all the while. It’s chilling, and realistic, and it makes you cherish the tender, fragile light that is their love all the more.

And it doesn’t romanticize being an assassin either. That’s important, too.

All in All…

So yes, Long Time No See had a small budget, so don’t expect crazy stunts, famous actors, CGI or anything of the sort. What you’ll find, however, are great production quality, incredible actors, a beautiful love story, an interesting plot, and actual representation. I bought this on Vimeo to support the creators (we need more content like this, so you bet I’m gonna do my part), and I don’t regret a single dime.

Watch it, people. Buy it. This is important.

A word of warning, though: certain flashback scenes involve heavy homophobia, psychological violence, and potentially triggering content.

Title: Long Time No See

Country: South Korea

Starring: Tak Woo-Suk, Yean Seung-Ho

Trigger Warnings: Violence, homophobia, bullying

Aired: 11/23/2017

Number of Episodes: 5

Genres: LGBTQ+, Romance

Where to Watch: 9,40€ or $12 on Vimeo

My grade: ★★★★★

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