I’m the Male Lead’s Ex-Girlfriend

In the novel she’s a character of, Erica used to be the male lead Leo‘s girlfriend, whom he broke up with for the protagonist, Juliana. So when a reader of the novel reincarnates into Erica’s body, she decides to cast him aside first and write herself a new destiny. She didn’t anticipate the interference of not only Leo, but also his magician best friend and two princes from different countries.

The female protagonist once being involved with the male lead is nothing new, really, but the art seemed beautiful, and there was something there that promised to be different, so I decided to try I’m the Male Lead’s Ex-Girlfriend, and it turns out I was right. It is indeed different. Why? Because the female lead is the absolute worst. I despise her. Sure, her decisions seem to make some sense at first, but then it’s just gratuitous, whimsical cruelty. Really, if you like to root for your main characters, do not read this manhwa, because this girl is a terrible person, and her main love interest, in spite of his troubled past and whatever, is also a terrible person and a horrible friend.

In light of that, I ended up way more interested in the secondary characters, and lamenting at the way those foolish men kept falling in love for this selfish, manipulative, hypocritical girl.

In the end, the art may be fantastic, but I can’t keep reading this.

Title: I Was the Male Lead’s Ex-Girlfriend

Country: South Korea

Author: Bae Hee-Jin (Original), Foalca

Illustrator: Taeza

English Publisher: Tapas

My Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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