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It’s About…

Zhou Zi Shu, a man who, after years serving royalty, decides to leave his organization. With only three years left to live, his goal is to drink and enjoy the sunshine. The mysterious Wen Ke Xing, however, is fascinated by him and refuses to leave him alone, and things only get more complicated when they both find themselves embroiled in the martial world’s problems.

I Like…

Oh my god, everything. I’m in love with this show, it makes me so happy. Back in 2018, I watched Guardian and ended up starting Faraway Wanderers, which is a novel by the same author, and which Word of Honor is adapted from. I enjoyed the 17 chapters which had already been translated tremendously, and I’m very relieved to say it’s the same for this adaptation.

The leads’ interactions are sizzling with palpable tension. Wen Ke Xing flirts every time he opens his mouth, and Zhou Zi Shu’s long-suffering attitude only serves to amuse him. I adore those two, and episodes go by in a flash.

You thought The Untamed was intense? You’ve seen nothing yet, trust me.

I’m also very pleasantly surprised by Zhang Zhe Han: I’ve seen him in two dramas so far—Legend of Yunxi and The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion, and found him stiff and inexpressive in both. But I guess he’s just not suited to those cold prince personas, because he’s incredible as Zhou Zi Shu.

I Don’t Like…

The budget clearly isn’t enormous here, and it shows mostly in the background CGI, but I’ve seen much, much worse.

Keep Watching?

I die a little inside every time I finish an episode, so, yes, a thousand times yes, give me more!

Where to Watch Word of Honor?

On the Youku YouTube channel.

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