All Aboard… Novoland: Pearl Eclipse

It’s About…

Ye Haishi, whose village is razed down when the emperor’s soldiers decide their luminescent pearl tribute isn’t satisfactory. The enigmatic Fang Zhu takes her in and gives her a boy’s education. But in her heart, she still longs to avenge her family from emperor Chu Zhong Xu.

Yang Mi in "Novoland: Pearl Eclipse"
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I Like…

The relationship between Haishi and her adoptive brother Fang Zhuoying. Rain or shine, they’re always there for each other, and are very funny together.

The mermaids are gorgeous, but not present enough. I hope we’ll get to see them again, and that the drama won’t focus on politics and harem conflicts only.

Young actress Liu Qi Qi, who plays Yang Mi’s younger counterpart, is very fresh and charming.

And against all odds, I’m also very interested in Xu Kai Cheng’s character. I thought Well-Intended Love had forever ruined this actor for me for sure, but I’m getting attached to this guy. Because while he’s certainly not likable, he’s also very difficult to understand, and the flashbacks which explain his behavior help understand, if not excuse his attitude.

Xu Kai Cheng in "Novoland: Pearl Eclipse"
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I Don’t Like…

There are so many clichés, et and the plot is very bland. Plus, Yang Mi’s high-pitched voice, super-long fake lashes and thick eyeliner make it utterly unbelievable that everyone around her thinks her a man. She’s not even trying to hide her chest, come on.

The decision they made of keeping actors William Chan and Xu Kai Cheng at the beginning of the story when Haishi was played by Liu Qi Qi instead of Yang Mi makes the entire thing very uncomfortable, and also confusing regarding the characters’ age.

The main couple lacks chemistry, really. Their relationship is quite firmly anchored in the master/student or father/daughter realm, and the perspective of a transition towards lovers seems inappropriate. On top of that, William Chan is so expressionless it’s really hard to root for him or believe in his deep anything.

And finally, the fight scenes are sluggish or badly filmed, if not both.

William Chan in "Novoland: Pearl Eclipse"
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