All Aboard… Legend of Awakening

It’s About…

Lu Ping (Chen Fei Yu) and Su Tang (Deng En Xi), siblings who escape from the terrible Shanhai Gang after years of captivity. Alone and hunted down for their power, they hide in the martial arts world.

I Like…

The characters, who have great dynamics together, and the plot, which is very interesting! The siblings, in particular, have great synergy, and their eldest martial brother Yan Xi Fan is so sincere and earnest it hurts sometimes.

I Don’t Like…

The costumes, really, they’re such an eyesore. The directing is very messy, too: there were entire fight scenes in the first episode which I had to play a few times because I had no idea what I was seeing. The fight scenes are also pretty bad, too obnoxious, I guess, and the music is nothing to write home about.

I also have some reservations on the female lead, but I guess we’ll see if she changes for the better.

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Where to Watch Legend of Awakening?

On Viki and IQIYI.

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