All Aboard… Killer and Healer

It’s About…

Jiang Yue Lou (Mao Zi Jun), a cop who won’t stop at anything until he eradicates opium trafficking from his city, and Chen Yu Zhi (Ian Yi), a kind-hearted doctor whose sister went missing. Drawn together by fate, both men find themselves gravitating towards each other even as they fight together against the rise of drug-smuggling in Jing City.

I Like…

The main leads. They’re both interesting, and the actors do a fantastic job at portraying them. Their interactions are also a delight: they balance each other out very well, Yu Zhi’s soft-spoken manner balancing Yue Lou’s unstable intensity very well. It’s a delight to see them together, and I really look forward to more of that.

The cinematography. Killer and Healer features a large number of truly beautiful shots. They really paid attention to what they were doing, their angles and set up, and it absolutely shows.

The background music. I missed it during the first two episodes because of the audio issue on Youtube (more on that a little further down), but when I did get to hear it, I absolutely loved how soft and moving it was in emotional moments. It’s surprising given the general theme of this drama, but the music and the leads’ interactions really give it a soft, peaceful atmosphere that I’m enjoying immensely.

Also, Jiang Yue Lou loves his cat, and I can’t resist a man who shows so much love to his pets.

I Don’t Like…

The editing. It’s nothing to write home about most of the time, but when it tries to get clever (which isn’t often, thankfully), it’s just awful. On top of that, entire scenes were clearly butchered off (from what I’ve heard, by MGTV’s own initiative, mind you), in spite of the fans’ pleas.

The way MGTV treats this show. It deserves way better.

Keep Watching?

Yes, certainly.

Where to Watch Killer and Healer?

The episodes are available on Youtube, but I would encourage you to stay away from them, unless you enjoy watching your dramas with half the audio missing. Yes, you read that right. They uploaded episodes with huge chunks of audio gone, supposedly for copyright issues. To me, it sounds like they didn’t care to spend the money to buy the world rights for the soundtrack, or plain didn’t bother buying the rights to use it on YouTube, so it’s no excuse: either do things well or don’t do them at all. Respect your audiences, and above all, respect your show and the people who worked on it.

Therefore, I recommend you just go to their website instead: the subtitles are there, too, and the audio is thankfully untouched.

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