All Aboard… Dr Qin: Mind Reader

It’s About…

Qin Ming, a young coroner who joins forces with a police team to solve murder and find out what truly happened to his mother.

I Like…

Gala Zhang.

I Don’t Like…

Everything else. The coroners’ explanations are mind-numbingly boring. Tang Min and Gala Zhang vomit their lines with all the enthusiasm and life of a pair of robots, which very boring for one, and frustrating for another, because I know Gala can be a really good actor when properly directed.

As is, the budget was very badly distributed, making this an excellent cure for insomnia, sure, but also forcing a romance in a thoroughly ridiculous way. By which I’m referring to the female lead’s first introduction, complete with slow motion and staring into each other’s eyes for way longer than is natural.

And let’s not forget Qin Ming’s supposed mysophobia, which allows him to be a jerk to everyone and their mother as well as shake the tip of the female lead’s fingers before whipping out a sanitary wipe, only to grab onto the rookie cop’s hand a minute later without flinching.

Keep Watching?

I didn’t even manage to make it to the end of episode 2 without falling asleep (I’m not kidding here, my eyes kept falling shut), so no, thank you.

Where to Watch Dr Qin: Mind Reader?

On Viki.

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